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Asking For Updates

Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2020 @ 7:58pm by Commander Morning Star Brooks

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current
Tags: To Everyone


Time to get this mission posting. I’m going to tag several of you in this post. While both the colonel and I understand real life does come first and does interfere with our simming we need to post. We have a new Task Force CO and we don’t want him to think we’re dead. There is an award for simm of the month and I’d like to see us win it. SO that being said here we go.


Morning Star stepped onto the bridge carrying a large thermo mug of coffee. Walking over she took her seat, the colonel had not yet arrived. Taking a sip of her coffee Brooks set it in the cup holder as she checked the incoming feeds. “Lieutenant Grax how far away from Starbase 945?”

“About two hours present speed,” Grax replied

“Maintain current speed,” Morning star said

“Lieutenant Th'arharak, what do sensors show? Launch a probe and keep me updated on the reports.” Morning Star ordered Tag Ray

Turning Brooks looked over at the Intelligence Officer “Lieutenant Rill I want you to find out what you can regarding the star base, those two ships and who is in command of them. I need those reports in an hour.” Tag Rill

“Lieutenant Westbrook I need any and all information on that space station, what her defense capabilities are, crew complement and anything else you can come up with,” Morning Star ordered Tag Westbrook.

Tapping her com badge Sick Bay what is the status of things down there, how are you in preparations for what we may find once we arrive at the star base. How many injured can you handle?” Morning Star asked. Tag CMO

Tapping her combadge again “Major Strek and Commander Pike we’re two hours away from Starbase 549 I’d like to see both departments working together on this once we get there. There is a lot of things to cover, the star base, two docked ships and that solar system. Report back to me with what is going on with your departments.” Morning Star said. Tags to Commander Pike and to Major Strek

Once the departments had been contacted Brooks leaned back in her seat, picked up the PADDS and set to work.


Please read this post everyone is tagged. There is something for everyone to post to. Please post


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