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Post # The Pilferers

Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2020 @ 12:44am by Lieutenant JG Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Gemini Sector
Timeline: Concurrent

< Days ago on the New Hampshire >
" We're being sent to Star Base 459 to see why they've stopped reporting and answering hails. A probe was sent in reported that the ships appear to be intact, but have suffered some minor damage. The Star Base has also suffered some damage. The ships are one Vesta Class named the Orion and a Nova Class named Challenger. Upon further scans from the probe while both the base and the ships appear to have been damaged they are all three able to support life. The probe further reported that there is a small solar system about half a light year from the star base, the solar system consists of five planets. Nothing further has been reported in that area as the probe stopped responding. The Star Base is located in the Gemini Sector. A sector of space that has not been explored too deeply. Those are our orders. I'll open the floor for any questions that the Colonel or I can answer." Commander Morning Star presented.


A Pakled cruiser slowly entered the system as its sensors had detected the small hails from survivors from the Plymouth cargo cruiser.

" We like survivors," the Captain said as his mind slothingly raced.

" Board their ship and help them . Make sure to take all of their stuff." he then told the boarders.

The Pakleds relied on automation they had aquired from other cultures to attach to the bulk head opening from the life boat snd proceeded to retrieve what they felt was theirs.

" You can come to our ship. We love to help." declared the leader boarder. " Come aboard and we will help carry youe stuff."

The Pilatian male was grateful but fearful given what they had just lived through. " There is no time. You have to get us out of this system before those ships or things return." he begged.

" We are secure . You are safe with us." smiled the Pakled.

On the screen the dark images once again moved into the system on a direct course to the Pakled ship.



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