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Away team meeting

Posted on Thu Feb 20th, 2020 @ 6:05am by Colonel Jack Pike & Commander Morning Star Brooks & Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike & Major Strek & Lieutenant Anja Rill

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station

Jack had just arrived in the observation lounge then hit the comm panel. "I need Commander, Brooks, Commander Pike, Major Strek, and Lieutenant Rill to report to the observation lounge."

Anja had three screens open as she compared data from the various ships. When her communicator chirped, she sat back to refocus. "On my way." She marked her spot, saved the data and headed for the observation lounge.

Morning Star finished braiding her hair into a pony tail, acknowledged the call, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed for the observation lounge. Walking in she took a seat next to the colonel, "Good morning,"

Hearing the summons, Nathaniel motioned for an officer to take his station one the bridge, he headed for the nearest lift then a few minutes later he walked into the observation lounge, he took a seat near the door.

Major Strek heard the call to report to the observation lounge after the morning P.T., physical training, with his Marines. He signaled that he was on his way. He hurriedly removed his gym clothes, took a sonic shower and put on a crisp duty uniform before heading up to the meeting, but after putting his Marine XO in charge of Marine Country, the nickname for their section of the ship.

"Good morning major," Morning Star greeted.

"ood morning, Commander. Captain. Lieutenant Commander," Strek nodded to each as he grabbed a black coffee and took his usual seat that had a view of the entrance to the room.

Jack looked around the room then spoke "Now that everyone is here, I am going to set up two away teams that will go deck by deck and search the station and the ship to see what happened out there. Major Strek you will lead Team One, you will search the station, Lt. Masela will serve as your second in command. Commander Pike, you will lead Team Two, you will search the ship, Sgt. Morath will serve as your second in command. Both teams will be a mix of security and Marines. Lt. Rill you will go with Team One to help see what you can gather from the station. Any questions?"

Anja nodded. "Yes, sir."

Morning Star looked at the colonel "Where would you like me at?"

Jack thought for a moment "I want you to stay on the ship Commander, you can help out in sickbay if we do find any wounded."

"Understood," Morning Star replied "Major please send a scouting team to check out that solar system as well. We don't know what may lie there."

"Understood," Strek replied with a curt nod.

Anja glanced at Major Strek, then nodded. "Understood."

Jack looked around at the other officers "If nothing else then you are all dismissed."

"I'm good colonel," Morning Star replied

Anja stood. She had some research to do before leaving with the away team.

Nathaniel shook his head "Nothing from me sir, security will be ready."

"Nothing from me either," Strek replied in his typical stoic manner.

Jack nodded "Everyone get ready then, should be arriving within 3 hours."


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