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Short Questions.

Posted on Mon Jan 20th, 2020 @ 5:52pm by Colonel Jack Pike & Commander Morning Star Brooks & Lieutenant James Two Bears

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: New Hampshire Engine room
Timeline: Concurrent


< Engine Room >

Two Bears returned to duty and relieved his crew that were manually rerouting the programs. Normally the red book directives would already have done this but with the discovery of the sabotage this would be done individually.

To what end was this done or more so why? To stall the New Hampshire or cripple it? Had the same become the fate of the station and two ships?

So many questions remained unanswered.

" Lt we have uploaded new inscriptions, and they're secured." an engineer reported.

" Good and well done chief." Two Bears replied. " Engine room to Bridge we are once again on line."

Jack tapped his comm "Everything all good down there Mr. Two Bears?"

"We need to get underway, how soon can you bring the warp drive online?" Morning Star asked.

" All is ready . I was just waiting on word from the bridge to continue. I will commence start up now sir. Estimated time of restart is 2.1 hours." Two Bears replied.

"Keep us informed Mr. Two Bears." Jack spoke

"Do you have any idea who caused this?" Morning Star asked .

" Ma'am all I know is the inscriptions were deluded inside the refit protocols. That was distributed through secured incriptions from Starbase 400. If we got hit by the saboteur I would guarantee other ships did too. I just hope the other engineers inspect their refit orders before implementing them. I always do." Two Bears replied. " Commencing engine restart now."

"Communications let the star base know what's happened and have them check with other ships that have already departed," Morning Star said

Two Bears opened his padd and implemented the following:

The normal power-up sequence of the engine, as managed by the MCPC, is as follows:

From a cold condition, the total system temperature and pressure is brought up to 2,500,000K using a combination of energy inputs from the electro plasma system (EPS) and the MRI, and a "squeeze" from the upper magnetic constrictors.

The first minute amounts of antimatter are injected from below by the ARI. The lower MCS array squeezes the antimatter stream and matches its aim with the MRI above, so that both streams land at exactly the same XYZ coordinates within the M/ARC. The largest reaction cross-section radius is 9.3 cm, the smallest 2.1 cm. The stream cross-sections of the upper and lower MCS can vary, depending on the power level setting.

The engine pressure is slowly brought up to 72,000 kilopascals, roughly 715 times atmospheric pressure, and the normal operating temperature at the reaction site is 2 x 1012K. The MRI and ARI nozzles are opened to permit more reactants to fill the vessel. The ratio is adjusted to 10:1 for power generation. This is also the base ratio for making Warp 1 entry. The relative proportions of matter and antimatter change as warp factors rise until Warp 8, where the ratio becomes 1:1. Higher warp factors require greater amounts of reactants, but no change in ratio.

After those minutes Lt Two Bears signaled that the engines were once again on line.

"Helm prepare to engage warp drive and proceed to our detestation. Warp four," Morning Star ordered .

"Aye Commander." Serron said as he plotted the course in and the New Hampshire left Star Base 400.


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