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Posted on Sun Dec 29th, 2019 @ 8:24am by Colonel Jack Pike & Commander Morning Star Brooks & Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike & Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine & Major Strek & Lieutenant Anja Rill & Lieutenant JG Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: COnference Room
Timeline: Current


With the permission of Colonel Pike I have a new mission up. This is the genesis post to the mission. Hope everyone will enjoy it. Post your characters arriving to the conference room.


Morning Star leaned back in her seat and thought about the orders she'd been sent. Puzzled as to why her and not the colonel but orders were orders. Getting to her feet Brooks made her way into the conferee room and sent out a message to all department heads to report. She'd fill everyone in when they arrived. Morning Star ordered a tray of goodies along with some coffee. Taking a seat she waited for everyone to arrive.

Jack entered the conference room, looking over "Commander, what's going on?" He headed for the replicator ordering his Hawaiian blend of coffee then went over to his chair.

"We've received orders, why they came to me is unknown. But we do have orders," Morning Star said I'll bring everyone up to speed once everyone is here. But here is an outline," she slid a PADD over to the colonel.

Major Strek arrived promptly to the conference room and took a black coffee from the tray on his way to his usual seat that had a clear view of the entrance. It was tactically unwise for someone in the Marines, Security or Tactical departments to sit with their backs facing the door.

"Good morning major," Morning Star greeted as she took a sip of her coffee

Jack nodded taking the padd starting to look it over "Hello Major." He looked up for a moment then went back to the padd.

"Commander, Captain," Strek replied with a simple nod at each.

Chief of Science Kobalt entered the room nodded to the XO and Major and sat down next to the Colonel.

Strek nodded back at Kobalt.

" I will never understand the Kobiyakiii....sorry sir. I had to take the Maru three times. The no win scenario is very grueling."

"Lieutenant a no win scenario is something we all have to realize when in command, you'll be fine," Morning Star assured him.

Dr. Romaine walked in with a cup of tea already in hand. She took a moment to look for a seat, then sat down but not before grabbing something that resembled a doughnut from the tray provided. She acknowledged those who did likewise.

Anja selected a pastry from the tray and smiled at the others already in attendance, then found a seat by the doctor.

"I'll give the rest of the officers a chance to arrive before I bring everyone up to speed on our new orders," Morning Star said

Nathaniel entered the room, grabbing himself a cup of Raktajino then found himself a seat.

Jack handed Morning Star the pad back and chuckled "It is a tough one that's for sure Mr. Kobalt."

"Thank you all for coming." She activated the holo image " We're being sent to Star Base 459 to see why they've stopped reporting and answering hails. A probe was sent in reported that the ships appear to be intact, but have suffered some minor damage. The Star Base has also suffered some damage. The ships are one Vesta Class named the Orion and a Nova Class named Challenger. Upon further scans from the probe while both the base and the ships appear to have been damaged they are all three able to support life. The probe further reported that there is a small solar system about half a light year from the star base, the solar system consists of five planets. Nothing further has been reported in that area as the probe stopped responding. The Star Base is located in the Gemini Sector. A sector of space that has not been explored too deeply. Those are our orders. I'll open the floor for any questions that the colonel or I can answer."

"So then we have no idea if there is anyone alive on the base." Dr. Romaine continued to speak, "Do we know what the last head count was of officers and civilians?"

"It's only an estimated guess but between the two ships and the star base it's possible that we're looking at over two thousand officers, crew and civilians. But it's only a guess. The Vesta Class alone carried over 750 officers and crew, the Nova Class over two hundred and I'm not sure on the complement of the star base," Morning Star said

"What sort of damage was sustained?" Anja asked. "And are any of those planets habitable? I suggest we check them out after we check out the starbase."

"As you all saw there is damage but we're not going to know how bad until we get there. Major I'd like a fighter survey when we're there of that solar system," Morning Star replied.

"Yes Ma'am," Major Strek replied in his typical Vulcan stoicism.

Jack looked around the room listening to the others "Doctor, get your sickbay ready, who knows if there will be any survivors or not."

"Since I have no idea how many survivors there are if any, I will need more medical supplies." Dr. Romaine added, "Just in case we do find any." With the amount of people that were on the starbase, she needed to be ready for a mass amount of people.

"Major I want you and Commander Pike to coordinate together a team that will go over and search for survivors and whatever else comes about."

"Understood," Strek replied with a curt nod.

"I'm a doctor as well, I'll get a field med kit together so when we get there we'll be ready," Morning Star said "Science prepare a probe when we're in range launch it. I want to know just what we're dealing with."

Desmond said "I have no questions at this time Colonel, Commander" he said.

"I will put in a request and have as much medical supplies for you as possible doctor." Jack said.

Tara smiled, "Thank you."

"Is there anything you'd like me to do?" Anja asked.

"Yes," Morning Star replied "I'd like you to see what your sources can find out about the captains of the two ships and the star base for starters."

Anja nodded and made a note for herself. "Yes, ma'am."

Jack looked around the room "Does anyone else have anything to add or anymore questions?"

Morning Star watched the assembled officers for any reactions to their new orders "I'm good colonel, we'll have a lot of work to do once we get there. I for one can't wait."

Lt Kobalt had paused through all of the reports. The Challenger had been one of his possible postings but he opted for the New Hampshire.

" Sir I will devote all science resources on this as well."


Kobalt's combadge chirped as did his data padd. He then addressed the forum.

" Engineering has just reported that a modified virus has been uploaded to the ship. It was masked behind modification specs to the shields. If Two Bears had implamented the file our shields would have become vulnerable. Colonel we have been hacked, possibly by who or what ever damaged the base and ships. We might have a saboteur." Kobalt reported.

"Intelligence will do some digging," Anja said. "We have resources that might be helpful."

Jack looked over "And how was this discovered Mr. Kobalt?"

Kobalt was about to answer but was halted to do so when Lt Two Bears interrupted the meeting.

" Sir I apologize for the interruption but I had to shut down the modification. When we were last in port I uploaded fleet spec protocols. It is titled red book modifications. I always double check and this time I discovered an error implanted in the matrix of the protocol. Essentially we were being set up for trouble if we had to go to red alert. Our shields would have been useless in battle." Two Bears explained.

"Did you correct the problem?" Morning Star asked.

" Yes commander. I immediately dumped the red book protocols. All new one's will be manually programmed until we return to a port or base port." Two Bears replied.

"Have it taken care of right away Mr. Two Bears while we are still at Star Base 400." Jack looked around the room for a minute "If there isn't anything else then everyone is dismissed."


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