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The Next Best Thing

Posted on Tue Dec 10th, 2019 @ 6:42pm by Lieutenant JG Kobalt Th'arharak & Colonel Jack Pike

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Star Base 400
Timeline: Concurrent


Kobalt checked in with his family via subspace call after his meeting with Tamoth, his old friend. The Vulcan had inadvertently struck a nerve with him subliminally as Kobalt realized his own education skills needed furthering.

Starbase 400 was a cornucopia of education given all that Admiral Bremer had invested. But it was his own Colonal Jack Black he hoped to impress.

Entering the holo suite Kobalt prepared for his command level exam course. Designed to test his skills in leadership and command discipline.

The lone AI attendant appeared to greet him.
" Welcome to exam level 1 Lieutenant. In this scenario you will command an oberth class science cruiser. Your mission will evolve as you proceed. This scenario is designed to run for 30 minutes. Let's"

Kobalt took the center seat and called for the standard course plots out of dock.

Once on the way the oberth left the system and immediately began tracking the missing probe that they were to retrieve.

Jack stood there watching from the other room to see how it would turn out.

The nature of the scenario was a derivitive of an actual mission with some twists. The original probe had went missing but this mission had the potential for some multiple out comes.

The bridge crew were very sophisticated and were programmed to react to the same perimeters. To Kobalt the feeling was just as real as ifbhe were on the bridge of the New Hampshire. This time he was the CO though.

Knowing the capacity of the MK20 probe Kobalt knew several things some other commabd student might not. What he didn't know was that MK20 had a built in self preservation abuility.

" Captain Kobalt the probe has altered course. It is now on a colision with a space array in this sector."

" Hail the array and inform them it's coming. Star Fleet wants this thing back." Kobalt replied. " Helm match speed with the probe and see if it targets us."

The screen showed the obert catching up to the prove but then showed the probes abuility to cloak.

" She's gone crazy Ivan sir. She just cloaked." Helm reported.

Kobalt then remembered the probe had a trail, even if cloaked and thus ordered for a plasmic scan. Sure enough there was a trail which availed for necessity tracking.

"Activate tractor beam, Now."

The tractor grab hold like a bass on the fishing line and the obert vectored the probe away from the array 10,000 kilometers from collision.

" Sir probe has been rendered inept and is now in the cargo hold."

" Helm reverse course back to base."

The scenario stopped and the AI reappeared.
" Thus concludes this exercise. Please exit to your right."

Jack had watched the whole thing as it had happened, he was standing there waiting.

" Colonel ? It is great to have you back sir. You had us all worried. Were you observing?" Kobalt reacted,

"Thanks it is good to be back Mr.Kobalt." Jack nodded "That I was, you did a good job."

" I am just upping my skill set. Can't get promoted without being tested. My friend made professor first but my goal is to one day command a science vessel. If I pass this one I'm told the next one us much more complex."

Jack nodded "There is nothing wrong with wanting to work on your skills and to one day have your own command of a ship."

" I am in no rush sir. I love the New Hampshire. I just want to be considered for Second Officer if it ever comes available. Passing these command quizzes furthers my CE credits." Kobalt added.

"That's good to hear that you want to remain aboard the New Hampshire." Jack gave a shrug "Time will only tell what happens Mr. Kobalt."

" There are always possibilities Colonel. I have another test this evening....the Kobiashi Maru or something like that. "

Jack chuckled a little "Good luck with that test Mr. Kobalt."



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