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Posted on Tue Dec 24th, 2019 @ 6:35am by Colonel Jack Pike & Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike & Lieutenant JG Vanessa PIke

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station

They where all settled mostly onto the New Hampshire, the ship was still stationed at Star Base 400, so they had decided to take care of getting married before heading out for their first mission aboard the New Hampshire.

Nathaniel was standing there in his dress uniform, his cousin Colonel Pike was standing there in his dress uniform as well. Nathaniel's Dad and his sons had managed to make it to the wedding.

Vanessa had chosen to wear a simple cream-colored dress for the wedding instead of her uniform. She was both excited and nervous about the wedding. When she saw Nathaniel, though, all her fears melted away and she smiled.

Her twin sister, Alexandra, managed to get leave to attend the wedding. She was Vanessa's maid of honor. She, too, chose not to wear her uniform. She was dressed in a blue tea-length dress that comlimented her sister and was still demure enough to let the bride be the center of attention.

Jack stood there in front of everyone as he looked over at his cousin then to his soon to be cousin by marriage, he gave both of them a smile.

"It gives me great pleasure like all Commanding officers before me and the rest of them that will follow me and others until the end of time to be able to perform the wedding ceremony of these two find people before you now." Jack looked at the two for a moment "Do you Nathaniel Pike take Vanessa Jackson to be your lawful wife, to have and to hold, to forsake anyone else, until death do you part?"

Nathaniel looked at Vanessa and smiled "I do."

Jack nodded then turned "Do you Vanessa Jackson take Nathaniel Pike as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, to forsake anyone else, until death do you part?"

Vanessa turned to Nathaniel and smiled, her eyes sparkling with happiness. For a moment she said nothing. Then, almost breathless, she answered. "I do."

Jack handed both of them the rings then after they put the rings on each others finger, he looked up "By the power invested in me by the United Federation of Planets, I now pronounce you two husband and wife.

Nathaniel leaned forward and gave her a big kiss.

Alexandra applauded. "Congratulations, both of you."

Vanessa grinned and hugged Nathaniel.

Jack looked to the crowd "I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Pike

Alexandra cheered. She was happy for her sister. She'd only met Nathanael the day before, but he seemed to be good for her sister.

As the music started to play, Nathaniel took Vanessa's hand and lead her out of the chapel.

As much as Vanessa wanted to go somewhere quiet, there was a party planned and the two had an obligation to show up. At least for a while. "Well, my love, I hope you like to dance." She grinned. "And no belly dancing. I promise."

Nathaniel looked at her "You can always belly dance for me later." He pulled her to him.

"I can at that," she teased, smiling up at her new husband. "I need to teach you so we can dance together." She wrapped her arms around his neck, moving to the music.

Nathaniel looked at her "That could get interesting." He chuckled as he put his arms around her waist.

"Oh, it could. Especially as some dances involves swords." She grinned. "But we'll start with this for now."

The music was slow enough to be appropriate for a wedding dance. Two by two, others began to join them.

Nathaniel raised an eyebrow "Oh yeah? Swords huh?"

Vanessa smiled. "Yep. Sabre dancing is part of male belly dancing."

"Maybe I could teach you some Samoan dances one day."

"I'd love that," she said. She'd seen a couple of Polynesian dances, but she knew none of them. When the dance ended, it was time for toasts. Vanessa wasn't generally one for parties, even her own, but this was a celebration of her wedding, and she would stay until she could find a good reason to leave with Nathaniel for a private celebration.

"We should be able to really stay in shape with all of these dances we will be doing together." Nathaniel smirked at her then as they sat down at their table the listened to the toasts.

Vanessa just grinned.

At some point, Alexandra came to sit by her sister. "Happy?" she aske,d although she didn't need to. She could see it on her twin's face, and feel it radiating from her.

Vanessa grinned. "Yes. What about you? Found anyone?"

"I thought so, but he transferred before anything really got started," Alex admitted. "But there's time. We need to get together before you leave. I've still got a few days."

"Yes," Vanessa replied. "I'll call you."

Alex hugged her sister, then moved off so others could congratulate the couple.

Finally, it was time for Vanessa to toss her bouquet, which was caught by a young ensign, and for the newlyweds to leave for their own private celebration.

After the reception was over, Nathaniel went back to their quarters with Vanessa after talking to his cousin for awhile.


Lieutenant JG Vanessa Pike
Assistant Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Alexandra Jackson
Vanessa's sister

Lt.Commander Nathaniel Pike
Chief Security


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