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Reports Needed and Time Off

Posted on Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 @ 4:05am by Commander Morning Star Brooks

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Morning Star had filed her report with Starfleet and with Colonel Pike, she’d sent out messages to the department heads for their reports especially medical. Had the colonel been cleared for command again? Brooks had spent several hours unpacking her things in her quarters something she’d wanted to do since joining the ship but time had not permitted it. With her things now unpacked and her quarters set up Morning Star left word with the operations officer that she’d be on the star base for a few hours and to keep her apprised of anything going on with the ship until she received word that the colonel was okay.

Walking onto the base Morning Star set off to do some shopping and to sit in on a medical seminar. Since her promotion to first officer she’d not had many chances to catch up on all things medical. When the seminar ended Moring Star left the conference room and headed for the promenade for a bite to eat and some badly needed downtime.




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