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400 Reasons

Posted on Thu Nov 28th, 2019 @ 4:25pm by Lieutenant JG Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Location: Star Base 400


Ltjg Kobalt made haste to report to Starbase 400 so that he could visit his old chum Tamoth Rivers, recently from the North Star. Both were Lieutenant jgs but recently Tamoth had finished hus doctorate. The oddoty was also Tamoths being half Vulcan and Kobalt a full blooded Andorian.

" Hello friend Tamoth."
" Greetings to you Kobalt. Congratulations on making chief of science on the New Hampshire? I had hoped to do so on the North Star but you beat me." Tamoth replied.

" No pity Doctor Tamoth. Congrats back. What brings you to 400?" Kobalt asked.

" Waiting on a ship for Andor. I got approved to study the continental drifts on Andor. Taking a team there myself."

" That sounds like you. Always pushing the envelope. How can I be of service?" Kobalt asked.

" Join my quest. Join our archaeological dig." Tamoth asked of him

" Thank you but I just made Chief. I can't just up and leave. You know just as much about Andor as I do. I will forward you some of my data. I read your thesis and made some recommendations." Kobalt said handing him a padd.

" You would Kobalt. The invitation is always open," Tamoth replied.

Kobalt valued his colleagues approval and the thought of joining him on the trek was alluring but for Kobalt a return to Andoria was not his future.

Taking leave of Tamoth. Kobalt watched out the observation deck window as ships entered and exited the quadrant.

Spying his old mentor LCDR Croesus working on a comm panel, Kobalt went over and reaquainted himself with his old Science chief.



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