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Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2018 @ 5:22pm by Commander Paul MacLeod & Lieutenant Commander Clint Cross & Colonel Jack Pike & Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine & Major Strek & Lieutenant Desmond Westbrooks

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Location: USS New Hampshire
Timeline: MD1 - 'Current'


Jack was sitting in the conference room going over the padd with the latest information about the next mission. He pushed the comm button. "Pike to all senior staff, report to the conference room."

Desmond was in his office overlooking his staff when he heard the comm beeping .""Pike to all senior staff, report to the conference room."he hit his combagdge im on my way he grabbed his PADD and headed for the Conference room.

Jack looked up after taking a sip from his coffee hearing the door open "Good to see you Lieutenant, go ahead and grab something to drink while we wait for the others."

Desmond grabbed a cup Raktajino and sat down to wait for the rest of the senior staff.

Jack looked over at the officer "What do you have to report so far Lieutenant?"

Desmond gave him a PADD with the reports "my Department staff is ready for anything"he said.

Jack took the padd then started looking it over.

Engineering Chief Two Bears arrived a few moments later sporting his tool belt full of toys. Not necessary for a briefing but cool nonetheless. Taking a seat nearest the door.

Jack looked up seeing a new person enter "Lieutenant Two Bears I would like you to meet our Chief Strategic Ops, Lieutenant Westbrooks."

"Hello Lieutenant Westbrooks. Glad to meet you." James replied.

Major Strek was in the middle of P/T (Physical Training) with his Marines for the day when the call came in. He looked to his Second in Command for the unit, "Take charge." He jogged to the locker room in his tank top and shorts, sweat beating down his body. He removed the cloths, took a quick sonic shower and dressed into his duty uniform before heading to the meeting.

Strek arrived about 15 minutes after the call, grabbed himself a black coffee, handed his PADD with the reports thus far from his department and sat facing the door to the room.

Jack looked towards the door hearing it open "Hello Major, glad that you could join us." Taking the padd from the Major.

"Thank you, Colonel," the Major replied.

"So tell me Major, how are things down in Marine country?" Jack sat there looking at the marine.

"They are agreeable. I have my Marines on a tight and strict training regiment. They refer to me as a 'slave driver'," Strek replied simply.

Tara had just finished taking care of an injured crewman. She was already annoyed by his stupidity so she wasn't too keen on being at this meeting. She rushed to the meeting which hadn't started yet. She nodded to everyone in the room and took her seat.

Jack nodded "I have heard a couple stories about it down there." He turned his head "Glad that you could join us Doctor."

The doctor feigned a smile. As she turned to take her seat, she mumbled softly to herself which no one else could hear, "Like I had a choice."

MacLeod finally arrived, he carried two PADDs and had a rather unhappy look on his face. He took a seat next to the Colonel and slid one of the PADDs over to him. "Excuse me sir. We received this report from Starbase 400. Both the USS Kearsarge and USS Vanguard reported they were under attack along the Romulan Neutral Zone and contact as been lost with both ships. The USS Yorktown is in route there now to investigate. I expect a fleet wide yellow alert to be issued soon, however our orders have not been changed, yet."

Jack grabbed the padd looking it over listening to his First Officer as he spoke, he then let out a sigh "There probably will be a fleet wide one, if not a fleet wide red alert." He gave a small nod "I guess then until our orders do change we will deal with the pirates and see what is going on with them."

Two Bears became very interested at the report of pirates.

Jack looked over at his engineer "Chief are you and your crew going to be ready?"

" Sir we are ready. I will personally push her there myself if need be," Two Bears boasted.

Jack nodded "Very well Mr. Two Bears." He looked at his other officers "Does anyone have any questions?"

Desmond said " I have no questions at this time colonel " he said.

Jack looked at the other's "Anyone else?"

Mac shook his head. He hoped the only thing the New Hampshire had to deal with during this mission would be pirates. A war with the Romulans and the rest of the Typhon Pact was the last thing he wanted, his past with the Romulans wasn't a pleasant one.

Cross had remained quiet during the briefing. He was looking over a PADD regarding the incident within the Neutral Zone Mac had advised the Colonel of.

Walking in, Maverick nodded at those present. Due to his size, he chose not to sit, but rather to stand and observe the meeting as it on.

Jack looked up seeing the new officer enter, he motioned with his hand "Everyone I would like for you to meet the new security chief, Lt.Winchester.

MacLeod stood and looked up at the new officer. "Welcome, I'm Commander MacLeod. After the meeting I'll help you get settled in."

Jack looked around the room "That will be all everyone, get your departments ready."

Cross nodded and stood, heading to the bridge.

Mac also stood, grabbing the PADD he had with him and headed for the Bridge. He stopped Cross. "Clint. Contact Starbase 400, see if there's been any updates regarding the Kearsarge and Vanguard and let me know."

Cross nodded, "Aye sir."

Desmond said "aye sir" he checked his padd and saw he had a meeting.

Though junior to them all, Chief Engineer Two Bears also checked his Padd and began his count down to launch. As fate would have it five cadets had been assigned to engineering for this voyage.

"Aye Sir. The Marines will be ready for anything," Major Strek added as he stood from his seat.

Jack looked around the room again "Dismissed everyone."



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