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Checking In for a Checkup

Posted on Tue Dec 10th, 2019 @ 5:40am by Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine & Lieutenant Anja Rill

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current


Anja walked into sickbay to see if she could get her physical. She generally liked to get taken care of right away so that she didn't get busy and forget.

Tara turned to see who walked in. She didn't recognize her, "Lieutenant, how can I help you?"

"I'm new to the ship," she said. "Anja Rill, the new Chief Diplomat. I need to get a physical, if you have time."

She thought for a moment, "Sure." She looked over at the bio beds, "Give me one sec." She put away what she had in her hand, then she motioned for her to take a bio bed, "So you're our new Chief Diplomat. It's nice to meet you." She grabbed her medical tricorder.

"I am," she said, sitting on the biobed. "Nice to meet you, too. Since I've only just arrived, what can you tell me about the ship?"

"Other than being big and built for combat, what else do you want to know?" She started scanning her, starting at her head and working her way down.

"I assume every ship has multiple functions," Anja said. "So, while this may be primarily a warship, it does have other functions, correct?"

Tara thought for a moment, "I believe they are trying to become an exploration ship but who knows when that'll happen."

Anja nodded. "Okay."

As she continued to examine her, she was curious what this Betazoid woman does...her position, "So what exactly is your position on this ship?"

"Diplomat," Anja replied. "Apparently, Starfleet thought you'd need one."

"Good ole Starfleet." She smiled, "They worked fast. I heard that we needed one and here you are." She finished with her scans, "So far, my scans say you are healthy. Do you have any concerns?"

Anja smiled. "No. I haven't noticed anything concerning. If I do, I'll let you know."

"Good. Okay then." She put her scanner away, "I will enter your results in your health report that you are healthy and are cleared for duty. You can go in there isn't anything else?"

"Nothing else at the moment." Anja smiled at the doctor. "Thank you."

Tara smiled back, "You're welcome."

Anja grinned as she hopped off the biobed. "I look forward to working with you again, when I'm not a patient."

"Same here." She watched her leave.


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