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Meeting the XO

Posted on Thu Nov 28th, 2019 @ 4:20am by Commander Morning Star Brooks & Lieutenant Anja Rill
Edited on on Thu Nov 28th, 2019 @ 8:22am

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation


Anja set an appointment to meet her new XO. She arrived one minute before her appointment and rang the door chime.

Morning Star hearing the door chime turned from the window in the ready room where she'd been watching as the stars sped by. "Come in," she called as she walked over to the desk.

Anja walked in, taking a quick look around the room before politely bowing to the other woman. "Hello, I am Anja Rill."

"Welcome, I'm Commander Brooks, the first officer. Feel free to call me Morning Star in here. Please have a seat lieutenant." Morning Star took her seat and called up the officer's file.

"And please, call me Anja." She sat down opposite the first officer.

"Anj, How are finding things on the ship? Any questions or concerns I need to be aware of and have you had a chance yet to meet Colonel Pike?"

"Yes, I have. You're the second person I've met so far," Anja said.

Morning Star nodded "And how are your quarters? Have you settled in yet?"

"They're fine," Anja assured her. "I've settled in there, but I still have people to meet."

"Then I won't keep you, have you been to sick bay yet for your boarding physical yet? While not required it's a good idea to get checked out," Morning Star said

"That's my next stop," Anja replied with a smile. "Thanks." She stood and bowed before walking out.


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