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Meeting the new XO

Posted on Wed May 15th, 2019 @ 1:20am by Commander Morning Star Brooks & Colonel Jack Pike

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Location: Colonel's Ready room

Jack was sitting in his office about to file a report to Star Fleet command that the New Hampshire was about to leave to escort the Apollo to the Badlands when the door chime went off "Enter"

Morning Star took a breath to steady her nerves and walked into the ready room. Not sure if she should salute or not chose to do so just in case. "Commander Brooks reporting for duty sir," she said confidently.

Jack stood up extending out his hand "Welcome to the New Hampshire Commander."

Taking his hand "Thank you sir," Morning Star replied "I'm glad to be here."

Jack sat back down then motioned "Please have a seat Commander." He grabbed a pad then handed it to her "These are our latest orders from Star Fleet command, the Apollo has just arrived here and we are to escort her to the Badlands, where we have a hidden research facility there.

Morning Star took a seat and read the information that was on the PADD she'd been given. "The Badlands are a dangerous place not many ships go there. What type of research facility do we have there?"

Jack looked at her and almost gave a shrug "I wish that I had that information Commander, but this facility is classified and even at my rank I don't have the clearance and command wouldn't tell me."

Morning Star nodded "That doesn't surprise me, they like to keep us on out toes. I was hoping you'd have some idea but we both know how command works. We do need to be on guard as I've heard stories of pirates in the Badlands. Do you know what the Apollo may have for a cargo?"

Jack grabbed another pad handing it to her "According to the captain they are carrying medical supplies and bio metric gel packs."

Morning Star read the list of medical supplies and looked at the colonel "Pirates would love to get their hands on this shipment. The gel packs along with the medical supplies will bring a big profit on the black market." She looked at her commanding officer "I don't know if you've had the chance to read my file yet but I am a doctor. I wanted to expand my career so decided not to be a CMO so I could advance in Starfleet. I do keep my medical license up."

"I have read your file, but we have a pretty good CMO in Lt.Commander Mutara Romaine, she's been with us for awhile now." Jack said "Yes that's why the New Hampshire has been assigned this mission to try to prevent pirates from reaching the Apollo."

Morning Star nodded "And I have no desire to take her place or step on her toes in anyway. I worked long and hard to get to where I am. No pirates will get to the Apollo on my watch."

"That's good to hear Commander." Jack blew out a breath "That goes for both of us with the Apollo."


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