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Coming Aboard

Posted on Fri May 10th, 2019 @ 3:16am by Commander Morning Star Brooks

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Moring Star watched as the shuttle she'd hired to take her out to her new ship closed in on it. The USS New Hampshire had been contacted that her new first officer had arrived and was waiting permission to beam over. The pilot turned to her "Commander the ship signals ready for you to beam over."

Standing she thanked the pilot, picked up her duffel bag and walked to the rear of the shuttle and stepped onto the transporter pad. The pilot had followed her back "Did you beam the my things to my quarters?" Morning Star asked

"I did commander just after we dropped out of warp," the pilot responded

"Beam me over," Morning Star said and seconds later the shuttle vanished and the transporter room of the New Hampshire came into view. Stepping off the transporter pad Brooks walked over to the officer manning the transporter and handed him her orders "Commander Brooks reporting for duty will you inform the colonel I've arrived and will meet him in his ready room as soon as I've had a chance to freshen up. It was a long shuttle ride out here."

The lieutenant read her orders and looked at the commander before him and nodded "I'll inform him sir and welcome aboard."

Thanking him Morning Star headed off to find her quarters. Fifteen minutes later dressed in a fresh uniform made her way to the bridge. She paused a few minutes to to observed the bridge officers before making her way to the ready room where she palmed the door sensor and waited for permission to enter.


Colonel Pike and all. Your First Officer has arrived. :)


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