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Physical & chat

Posted on Wed Mar 20th, 2019 @ 1:24pm by Colonel Jack Pike & Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation

Jack had decided to finally have his physical before the doctor came to the bridge with security and ordered him down to sick bay. He stepped inside looking around he then spotted Trela'dae the nurse.

"Hello Lt. could you inform the good doctor that I am here for my physical." He said to her as she got closer.

Trela'dae looked over and nodded "Sure thing Colonel."

Trela'dae then went to the doctor's office and peeked her head in "Doctor, Colonel Pike is here to see you."

Tara looked up, "Thank you." Tara walked out, "So, you decided to finally show up. It's about time. I thought that I was going to have to drag you here." She thought that she'd give him a hard time, just because she could.

Jack stood there looking at her "As tempting as to see you try and drag me here, figured would be best to just show up myself. Wouldn't look good with the crew."

"No it wouldn't." Tara pointed to a biobed, "You know the drill." She grabbed her scanner and walked back over to Jack and proceeded with the physical. Starting her scans from the top of his head, she ran it down from his head to the bottom of his heart and entered a few things into her medical tricorder along with a "hmm" sound.

Jack went over and sat on the bio bed then once he heard her he raised an eyebrow "What's with the hmm doctor?"

"Did I?" She chuckled slightly to herself, "Sorry. I was just surprised that you blood pressure is normal. My experience with running a ship, the blood pressure is usually elevated." She continued her scan, "So, how often do you get a chance to work out?" She was pleased with his vitals.

Jack sat there looking at her thought for a couple seconds then shrugged "Least 3 maybe 4 times a week. Why?"

Tara looked at him for a moment, "Research." She went back to the physical, "Some of the ship's crew that I've given physicals to don't work out enough. Exercising reduces stress, releases endorphins which makes you happier, helps you sleep and boosts the chemicals in the brain which in turn helps keep a person from cognitive decline among other benefits. I think that the crew's efficiency ratings would improve if they would just work out more. I would like to see everyone increase their exercise routine. Twice a week just doesn't cut it."

Tara entered some more information, "So, what's the story behind the scar on your right arm?" The stories that a scar could tell. And she loved a good story.

Jack sat there listening then nodded "I could make it an order and set up a ship wide exercise program that have to least 3 times a week." He then looked down at his arm and chuckled "A drunk bar room brawl with a couple Klingons."

Her eyes widened, "Two Klingons huh?" She scoffed, "Not the smartest move I would say. You're lucky that a scar is all you got." Even with her extensive knowledge of martial arts, a Klingon wouldn't be her first choice to fight.

Jack chuckled a little "Yea I was just a bit drunk, but did hold my own for awhile against both, until one slashed me with his d'tang. That's when Morath arrived and stepped in helping me take them both out." He looked at her for a moment "And before you ask, no the two are not dead, that I know of."

"I wasn't going to ask." She smiled impishly, "I'm surprised that you haven't had the scar removed. Do you keep it as some kind of reminder? You know, like a reminder to never fight several Klingon when your trashed." She couldn't resist teasing him a bit..

Jack sat there looking at her raising an eyebrow "I held my own against those Klingons." He shrugged "But yes I chose not to have the scar removed."

"Then I will leave it alone." She joked with him once again, "Afterall, I wouldn't want to remove what could eventually be a chick magnet."

Jack looked at her and chuckled "Almost funny there doctor."

Tara tapped a few things into the tricorder, "So, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you are in perfect health. The bad news is that I need the biobed so you are free to go."

Jack nodded standing up "I try to." He was about to leave when he stopped "Care to join me tonight for dinner?"

"Seriously?" She smiled, "I mean, I'd love to. 1900 hours?"

"Yes I am serious, wouldn't have asked if wasn't" Jack looked at her, chuckling a bit. "1900 it is, care to meet me in my quarters?"

"Your quarters?" She smiled, "Ah, okay, sounds like a plan. I'll see you then."

Jack nodded "Anything special you would like to eat?"

"Suprise me." She wasn't picky when it came to food.

"Very well, I shall see you tonight at 1900 Doctor." Jack then turned and headed out leaving sickbay.


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