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Post# " Peace is a Lie"

Posted on Sun Dec 23rd, 2018 @ 12:23am by Lieutenant JG Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Location: Crew Quarters
Timeline: Concurrent


Ensign Kobalt, after being relieved made haste to his own shared quarters. Being new to the ship he was not a Chief and therefore didn't merit his own space. He would have preferred a closet to sharing but that prejudice was not allowed in an officer.

Passing Lt Killers quarters, his antenna stood taught. He was concerned as she had exited the bridge so fast.

Tapping the chime he awaited to see if she answered

After hearing the alarm from the computer “Computer who is out side “ Missy said laying on her bed the computer replied with ensign Kobalt. After hearing it was Kobalt Missy sprung out of her bed and climbed into her Fedration uniform after she was dressed she walked into the main room and sat down at her round table and another chair opposite each of her will be the first thing you see walking into her room.Then said she said “enter”

" Lieutenant Killer it is Ensign Kobalt. I was in my way to quarters and just wanted to make sure you were ok?”

Missy smiled and said “Ah Ensign nice of you to care for me i’m fine really if you wish you can sit down with me” she extended her hand out to the empty chair “Tea?” Missy said.

" I don't normally involve myself in other beings issues but as you are a fellow colleagues I did. That music, is not naturally occurring. How do you know it?" Kobalt asked.

Missy Smiled and looked up to the ceiling and said “It was a long long time ago it’s a old earth book that later evolved into a music piece” she finished looking at the ceiling and looked back at the ensign “I used to read the book to my son, Chris when he was a baby.”She stopped smiling and gave a deadly stare “But that was when the war broke out”.

Kobalts antenna lowered.

" Did Chris survive the war Lieutenant?"

Missy frowned “It wasn’t the dominan war it was something far far worse. Oh Chris was 13 before I left and I haven’t got a clue what he has done or will do”

" That is sad Lieutenant. The music seemed to cause you to become I'll.Did you go to sickbay?" Kobolt then asked.

Missy Giggled “I need a counselor not a idiot with a knife” she said “But only th commanding officer of starbase 6 knows my problems” Missy said with a sigh.

" I am sure the ship has one aboard. Until then I would gladly listen to you I am off to get some rest before Alpha shift. I am conducting a few science experiments in the morning. Rest well Lieutenant." Kobalt conveyed.

“Goodnight Ensign....Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” She said with a Smile

Having spent too much time studying with Vulcans, Kobalt replied, " The doors open on a slide."

He then exited the officers room and headed for his own quarters.


Ensign Kobalt Th'arharak


Lieutenant Missy Killer


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