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Post# Background Chatter

Posted on Mon Dec 17th, 2018 @ 4:05am by Colonel Jack Pike & Lieutenant JG Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Location: USS New Hampshire
Timeline: Concurrent


After several minutes on duty Kobalt Th'arharak completed his programing of sensors and fell back to his secondary duties.

Having studied under rigid instructors at the academy had availed him the ability to keep himself constructively

Missy was on the bridge sitting in the captain chair. She got up and sat down in the head operations chair and tapped a few buttons, turned around and said “Ensign I want a status report in words or writing you can leave it in the chair.” And turned back around continuing what he was doing

" Lieutenant all sensors are calibrated and nominal. " Ensign Kobalt Th'arharak replied

Missy stopped in her tracks and paused for a minute she then got up and walked up the ramp and stood behind the young ensign with her hands by her side watching over his shoulder.

His heightened sense raised his antenna as he could feel the breath from the Lieutenant on his neck.

" Is there something else Lieutenant?"

Missy Looked down and gave Th'arharak devilish smile and turned around and said: "No ensign continue with your work." and walked down the ramp and stood between the main flight control and main operations with her hands behind her back.

After 5 minutes standing there, "Ensign have you ever been in combat ?" Missy Said walking to the captains chair

" My Parents are freight carriers. I grew up aboard our family hauler. Yes I have seen battle. Do you need a sparing partner Lieutenant?" Kobalt replied.

Missy Laughed you: "You're the lest person i would spar with my young blue friend. I have plenty to fight abord this ship. May i also ask how you're copeing abord this warship".

" Pink skins are strange but I am a trained officer. The New Hampshire was initially crissoned to be a science vessel, a renound one at that. If we do go to battle I will be ready to defend this ship with my life."

Missy stood up and turned around to look at him "Im not a human i'm a El-Aurian don't let this form blind but i'm unsure if this starship will be used for science" She said "Wait....Do youhear that Noise" She turned back around and stood by the main operations pushing buttons

Kobalt also turned his attention to the operations console, as his antenna was receiving the noise from a different pitch.

"Ensign begin scanning for a sub signal or something...I've Heard it before God where have I heard it" Missy said panicking

Kobalt began his scans. Isolating a signal himself recognizing the pitch.

" Lieutenant do you recognize it?"

Missy Took a breath before saying "Yes Ensign stand down. That's an order" she said Camly "Stopping scanning don't inform anyone of this please."

Stunned by the order, Kobalt complied and shut down his scan of the noise. As it did not seem a threat to the ship he nodded, but did place it into an encrypted file.

Missy nodded back and said "Ensign I must lay down," she said walking to the lift when she entered she stood between the doors and said " Ensign you have the bridge"

Kobalt stood and watched her exit. Having never taken the bridge before his stomach twisted a bit.

" Yes Lieutenant. Do you require a Doctor?"

Missy Smiled and opened her mouth the words that came out where "No Rest Goodbye" She said before backing into the lift and leaving the bridge.

Ensign Kobalt was a proud member of the Andorian species but he also knew his role. Tapping his comm badge he called the CO.

" Sir Lt Killer had to leave the bridge. She gave me the con. Do you wish to relieve me sir?" Kobalt asked.

Jack stepped off the lift then looked around for a moment before heading towards his chair, he stood looking at the officer in front of him "Why did the Lieutenant have to leave the bridge Ensign?"

" Sir I believe she was becoming ill. We detected a strange intership noise. I amplified the message and played it and that's when she became ill and stated she need to go rest." Kobalt stated. " I am honored she asked me to take the con but thought you should be aware sir."

Jack raised an eyebrow "Hopefully she reports to sickbay and will be ok, what ship noise was this?"

Recalling the recorded noise Ensign Kobalt played it for the Colonel.

" Sir this enlisted an emotional response for the Lieutenant.

Jack listened to it for a bit then nodded "Ah I see, might have to look into it." He then went to sit down in his chair "Return to your station."

Perplexed by what had happened Kobalt nodded, his antenna facing forward.

" Aye aye sir."

Jack sat there then looked over a data padd his yeoman handed to him.


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