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Post: The First Watch

Posted on Sun Nov 11th, 2018 @ 11:04pm by Colonel Jack Pike & Lieutenant JG Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Location: USS New Hampshire
Timeline: Concurrent

< Science Lab 1 >

The shuttle had delivered the three would be science officers aboard. Ensign Kobalt among them, the two others being Vulcan.

The Vulcan males were fresh from the academy but Kobalt had already spent three years serving aboard a star ship. Not only a star ship but the Tikal.

The two Vulcans were following the SOP for first duty and Kobalt knew he would have to follow suit.

" As you all know there is one opening aboard this ship for science officer. This next two days one of you will be awarded this post. The other two will have other duty opportunities." the fleet science officer stated. " Ensign Kobalt as ranking fellow aboard you'll assume the bridge role as science officer during this exercise. "

" Sir yes sir." replied Kobalt, as he looked into his peers. His antenna tuning into the Vulcan officers body language. Clearly at least to him that this was not to their liking.

< Bridge >

Walking onto the bridge was a great feeling. He had done so on Tikal more than enough times. But the New Hampshire had its own aah factor.

" Mr Kobalt the science station is yours for this shift . This is an actual shift so bring your A game," the instructor urged.

Kobalt nodded and began his log in.

Jack had just stepped onto the bridge from the turbo lift to start the next shift, he nodded at a couple officers before walking over to stand in front of his chair, a yeoman stepped over handing Jack a pad, he looked it over then nodded, He stepped over towards his ready room before turning his head "Mr.Kobalt?"

Kobalts ears perked up.

"Follow me." Jack then turned and stepped into his ready room.

In close proximity Kobalt entered the ready room, surveying the office.

" Colonel have I done something wrong? " Kobalt asked.

Jack looked at the officer before him "No you haven't done anything wrong." He sat down motioning for the other chair.

"I just like to meet with my officers personally when they first arrive."

Kobalt complied and reluctantly took a seat.

" Sir it is an impressive vessel, given it's age. I am honored to being considered for a science officer position. I have served aboard the Tikal, which was recently damaged. Most of the other crew were reassigned but I was not retained. I served there three years , under supervision of Commander Croesus, the Chief of Science.

Should you consider me for this open position I promise to serve with honor and give my life for you and this vessel," Kobalt promised as he extended past his comfort level

Jack nodded "Glad that you think so, I am sure that you will do just fine here Mr.Kobalt."

Kobalt exhaled.
" Have you ever served with an Andorian before? We are not always politically correct. Some are even pompous. Unlike a Vulcan you always know where you stand with an Andorian." Kobalt added.

Jack nodded then chuckled slightly "I had a classmate at the Academy who was an Andorian, I am still friends and talk to Captain Ashrylish Sh'kiannerh."

Nodding Kobalt exhaled again. Curious if his Vulcan peers would also be interviewed by the CO himself. Kobalt, not wishing to be rude but yet ready for duty added.

" Do you have any other questions for me sir? I am anxious to begin my watch, with your permission."

Jack steepled his fingers looking at the officer in front of him "What made you decide to want to join the New Hampshire?"

" The New Hampshire was a legendary science vessel. This one was renamed for the original and you sir we're it's first officer. It is an honor to serve aboard this flag ship." Kobalt replied.

He raised an eyebrow at the comment "Interesting, so Mr. Kobalt, do you plan on making a career here on the New Hampshire?"

" I hope to impress you to accomplish that. What I lack in age I make up for in ambition. Commander Croesus,of the Tikal, taught me a lot after the academy. I hope to be just as good a science officer for you Colonel."

Jack sat there for a couple seconds then nodded "Understandable that you would want to Mr.Kobalt, and I am sure that you will be."

Kobalt could not help but be excited at Pikes words. If he heard correctly the Colonel had just eluded to getting the position .

" Then with your permission may I return to my post? "

Jack nods "You are dismissed Mr.Kobalt."

Kobalt came to attention, about faced and exited the ready room. Stopping before proceeding to the science station. He noticed his fleet tutor exiting the bridge along with the two Vulcan peers.

Walking over to the station a running program was playing on the screen. A series of formulas was in a repeater.


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