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Major Strek

Name Strek

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan (Liberated Borg)
Age 59

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 184 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Spouse T'Larrie (deceased)
Children Son: Tuvex
Daughter: T'Alina
Father Selpat (deceased)
Mother T'Prong

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Can see with different views with his Borg Implant (like Geordi or 7 of 9).
Ambitions To have a successful career in Starfleet and retire at the rank of General.
Hobbies & Interests Engineering, tinkering with machines. Reading , writing. Studying both mechanics and combat.

Personal History 2331: Strek was born on Vulcan to Selpat & T'Prong.
2336: Strek started Schooling in Standard Vulcan Schools.
2354: Strek Graduated from School. Strek & T'Larrie were bonded. He then joined Starfleet.
2355: Tuvex, son of Strek & T'Larrie was born on Vulcan.
2362: T'Alina, daughter of Strek & T'Larrie was born on Vulcan.
2367-2375: Borg Drone.
Service Record 2354-2358: Starfleet Academy
2358: Strek Graduated from Starfleet Academy. He served his first mission as an Ensign in Engineering on the USS Ticonderoga.
2360: Strek was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferred to USS Saloon.
2363: Strek was transferred to USS Melbourne as Assistant Chief Engineer.
2367: The USS Melbourne was lost in the Battle of Wolf 359, Strek was assimilated.
2370: T'Larrie, Strek's mate died of an unknown illness.
2375: Strek was liberated from the Borg in an encounter with USS Yorktown commanded by Captain Jerry Girardo. Strek killed Captain Girardo before they could sever his link to the Borg.
2376: Strek rejoined Starfleet as Chief Security Officer on USS Thunderchild of Python Fleet.
2377: Strek resigned due to personal reasons. Selpat, Strek's father died of Bendii Syndrome.
2378: Strek rejoined Starfleet again as Chief Engineer on USS James Cook-B of Python Fleet at the rank of Lieutenant.
2379: Strek transferred to Security Department. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
2380: Strek was transferred to Starbase Freedom as Chief of MACO. His rank was converted to Marine rank and he was made a Major.
2386: Strek is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
2391: Strek was assigned as Marine CO on the USS New Hampshire-A. He is demoted back to Major.