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Lieutenant JG Vanessa PIke

Name Vanessa Danielle PIke

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Vanessa loves wearing bright colors to go along with her cheerful disposition. She occasionally dresses up, but is more comfortable in jeans, t-shirts, and casual cotton blouses.

Her hair is long and often worn loose or in a pony tail.

She is attractive and cheerful and is often smiling. Her mother is Latina and Tessa looks quite a bit like her.

When she's concentrating on her work, she can look serious and intimidating, but that impression quickly disappears when she smiles.


Spouse Nathanael Pike
Father Kendar Jackson
Mother Marta Sanchez
Brother(s) Pedro, Juan Carlos, Stefan, Marcos, Jorge
Sister(s) Alexandra (twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vanessa grew up with five older brothers. Instead of being treated like princesses, she and her twin sister were picked on by their older brothers.

She and her sister quickly learned to stand up for themselves and spent most of their teen years competing with and against their brothers.

She likes sports like paintball, fútbol (soccer) and target shooting. She is outgoing and can be outspoken.

Her first loves are history and archaeology. She loves to dig around in the dirt and read old books.

She has a warm, friendly disposition, although, because of her high intelligence, she can slip into her "professional mode" where she ignores others and focuses on her work.

Vanessa is a telepath, but she has to focus to use her talent. Most of the time other people’s thoughts are just background noise. She has limited telekinesis. She can move small objects about 20 feet. For this she has to concentrate, so she doesn’t do it very often. Small items like PADDs, keys, a baby rattle, etc.

She is empathic and notices the emotions of those around her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Highly intelligent and loves to learn.
Has a great deal of knowledge about ancient cultures and civilizations—especially Earth history.
Usually thinks before she acts. Will often take the more logical path of the academic.
She is loyal to her friends.
Friendly and outgoing, she has a warm disposition.

Tends to get too focused on her work and can lose track of time.
Has a competitive streak, especially when it comes to her brothers.
Although she is outgoing and friendly when she's around peers or in small groups, she feels awkward and uncomfortable in large groups of strangers.
Until she got to Starfleet, she was generally a good deal younger than those she went to school with. She still feels socially awkward until she gets to know people.
She loves reading and will often be found in her spare time reading something.
She can be stubborn. If she sets her mind to something, it can be hard to get her to back down.
Ambitions Vanessa has spent most of her life learning. Now she would like to travel and find a special man to share her life with.
One day she would like to teach at a university that lets her take her students around the Federation working on archaeological sites. She would also like to be a consultant on matters of archaeology and history.
Hobbies & Interests History, archaeology and books are her passions. She collects books and has a large house in Cochabamba filled with books. She also loves computers and is adept at programming and repairing them.

Favorite activities include paintball, fútbol (soccer), rock and mountain climbing and target shooting. As an archaeologist it is very important to know how to use a phaser and a slug thrower. She practices tai chi and loves to dance, especially ballroom dance. She recently added belly dancing to her list of activities.

Personal History Personal History Vanessa is the youngest of seven children. She and her twin sister, Alexandra, were born on Betazed and spent several years there before her family moved to Earth. Her father is a Federation Diplomat and her mother is a Betazoid Ambassador.

Tessa is a genius. She was reading Shakespeare by age 3, graduated from school at age 10 and had her PhDs by age 16. She spent several years teaching at Cambridge before deciding to join Starfleet. Tessa tested out of most of her basic Academy courses and graduated in half the time, spending much of her spare time assisting with advanced science courses.

Her brothers and male cousins teased her a lot about being “just a girl” so she worked very hard to be better than they were at the activities they considered “theirs,” She is an expert marksman with a phaser, phaser rifle, slug-thrower and slingshot. She can also use a bolo with great effect.

When her brothers got mad at her for beating them at shooting, they would take her into the Andes and leave her. She learned quickly to navigate and track so that she could get back home.

Because she has always been so much younger than her peers, she hasn't had much of a social life. She was in college when her peers were going through puberty and a Cambridge Professor when they were going to prom. Even though she would like to find a good man and have a long-term relationship, she doesn't believe any man could be seriously interested in her once he gets to know her and finds out about her educational background.

Vanessa and her sister share a love of learning and the social sciences. They often took classes together, and studied the same subjects. Both received PhDs in history and archaeology. Both have a Masters degree in anthropology and Bachelors of Science in computers.

The twins spent every summer of their university years on digs around the galaxy, combining their love of history with archaeology and anthropology.

They graduated together and both accepted professorships at Cambridge. Their classes were quite popular, usually because the students liked the novelty of being in one of the "Twin Profs" classes.

The sisters often talked about their dreams of traveling the galaxy and exploring. After teaching for several years, the urge to explore drove both of them to join Starfleet Academy.

Both women sailed through their courses, foregoing social events to study. They spent much of their free time teaching entry-level science courses and taking as many advanced courses as they could. They graduated near the top of their class.

After spending their lives in the same career path, they were hoping to be assigned to the same ship. Starfleet, however, felt that identical twins would be too much of a distraction, so the two were split up.

Vanessa’s first assignment after laving the academy was aboard the USS Titicaca as historian/archaeologist. She took a leave of absence to work on a civilian archaeological expedition on Gamma Hydra IV while waiting for her next position.

Since then, she's served on several ships and worked on several sites.
Service Record Served two years aboard the USS Titicaca as an historian and archaeologist. Was promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer.
Served as Science Officer aboard the USS Trafalgar.
Served as Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Tsunami.
Served as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Marathon.
Served as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Zeus.
Served as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Jazza.
Took a position as Assistant Chief Science Officer to serve aboard the USS New Hampshire.