Welcome to the USS New Hampshire-A!

I am Colonel Jack Pike, Commanding Officer of this fine ship. The New Hampshire is a Galaxy Refit class ship. The U.S.S. New Hampshire-A is a Star Trek sim set in 2393 within the Ares Operational Theater in Beta Quadrant. Come join us and see what kind of adventures may hold.

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» New Site - New Beginning

Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2017 @ 10:29pm by Commander Paul MacLeod in General News

Welcome to our new site!

Thanks to TF38's CO, Vice Admiral Mitch Hanson, for setting our new NOVA up!

Sadly, our old host is not allowing us to recover our previous posts, logs, mission info, etc so in many ways this is a new beginning for the New Hampshire. Join us in this adventure!

-Cdr. MacLeod - XO

Latest Mission Posts

» Goodnight Ensign

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Posted on Thu Dec 27th, 2018 @ 8:42pm by


Apon Ensign Kobalt Th'arharak leaving Lt killer room. Missy was sitting in her chair staring at the door still trying to understand why Th'arharak was interested in her Missy said out loud "Someone has forced him to be my shadow". Still sitting there wondering why after a minute Missy…

» Post# " Peace is a Lie"

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Posted on Sun Dec 23rd, 2018 @ 12:23am by Ensign Kobalt Th'arharak


Ensign Kobalt, after being relieved made haste to his own shared quarters. Being new to the ship he was not a Chief and therefore didn't merit his own space. He would have preferred a closet to sharing but that prejudice was not allowed in an officer.

Passing Lt Killers…

» Post: After the Background Chatter

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Posted on Mon Dec 17th, 2018 @ 8:07am by


After on the bridge and stepping into the turbo lift Lieutenant Killer said “Officers room” She then sat down on the floor with her legs against her chest and her hands on her head whispering “I refuse to remember” over and over again .When she arrived at her destination…

» Post# Background Chatter

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Posted on Mon Dec 17th, 2018 @ 4:05am by Colonel Jack Pike & Ensign Kobalt Th'arharak


After several minutes on duty Kobalt Th'arharak completed his programing of sensors and fell back to his secondary duties.

Having studied under rigid instructors at the academy had availed him the ability to keep himself constructively

Missy was on the bridge sitting in the captain chair. She got…

» Post:The Fish Tank

Mission: Mission 1: Investigation
Posted on Tue Dec 4th, 2018 @ 4:20pm by Ensign Kobalt Th'arharak

Kobalt was acklimating to life on the New Hampshire well enough but he missed having a fish tank as he had aboard his last ship.

The trip would have been to long for them to survive so he had given them to his room mate. He had compensated with…